Sojet Elfin Series

Parts and Accessories

Elfin Series Accessories

Tourmaline offers a wide range of additional supporting accessories such as alternative mounting systems, warning beacons and external sensors for easy installation into your production line.
Rotary Encoder

Rotary Encoder 300 dpi

Part Number: TIJ-ENC-ESP
Rotary Encoder

Rotary Encoder 400 dpi

Part Number: TIJ-ENC-ESP4
Alarm Light

Alarm Light

Part Number: TIJ-ALK-ESP
Photoeye Flexible Arm

Photoelectric Sensor with Flexible Arm

Fiber Optic Sensor

Fiber Optic Thru Beam Sensor

Part Number: TIJ-FOP-ESP
Photoeye Sensor

M18 Barrel Type Photoelectric Sensor

Part Number: TIJ-ENC-ESP4
DB15 Splitter

DB15 Y-Splitter Cable

Part Number: TIJ-YCBL-ESP
Photoeye Bracket

M18 Photoelectric Sensor Bracket

Part Number: TIJ-PEB-ESP

370ml Bulk Ink Bracket

Part Number: TIJ-E1IB-ESP

370ml Bulk Ink Bracket Single Head

Part Number: TIJ-B2IB-ESP

Elfin Series Spare Parts

Bi-Directional Bracket

Bi-Directional Bracket

Part Number: 1900-E01-0009
Bi-Pass Clamp

Bi-Pass Clamp

Part Number: 1900-E01-0008

Steel Tube 5/8"OD 11"L

Part Number: 1900-E01-0012

Steel Tube 5/8"OD 13.8"L

Part Number: 1900-E01-0013
Adjustable Handle

Adjustable Handle

Part Number: TIJ-ADJ-ESP
Elfin I Anti-Shock Spring Mechanism

Elfin I Anti-Shock Mechanism

Part Number: 1900-E01-0007
Elfin II Anti Shock Mechanism

Elfin II Anti-Shock Mechanism

Part Number: 1900-E02-0012
Elfin II Anti-Shock Spring Mechanism

Elfin II Anti-Shock Mechanism

Part Number: 1900-E02-0013
Elfin ID Anti Shock Mechanism

Elfin ID Anti-Shock Mechanism

Part Number: 1900-E01-0049
Elfin IH Battery

10.8V Li-Ion Battery Replacement

Part Number: 1900-E01-0027