Tourmaline offers its clients, from the beginning and at all times, a personalized service and professional service to attend and solve their needs effectively.

support 05 - Technical Support

Technical Support

We have a technical support service arranged to effectively solve any need that may arise.

Telephone Support Service

  • Help for the configuration of equipment and software
  • Diagnosis of incidents
  • Corrective actions
  • Comprehensive service management
  • On Site Support Service

  • Technical support at the Customer’s premises
  • Equipment review; Hardware and software
  • Diagnosis and technical repairs
  • Preventive maintenance actions
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    Preventative Maintenance

    Tourmaline’s technical department offers its customers different levels of maintenance according to their specific needs. Contact us so we can propose the best preventive maintenance service contract personalized for your company.

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    Installation and Trainging

    We offer a specialized service for the installation and training to the users in the handling of our coding and marking equipment.

  • Installation and parameterization of inkjet systems
  • Installing software applications
  • Integration with computer and electronic systems
  • Training for users; Hardware and software
  • sojet elfin i inkjet printer

    Back-Up Machine

    With the service of a Back-Up Machine (substitute machine) will not be in the situation of running out of your marker when performing repair or maintenance at Tourmaline’s Technical Service, because we will always offer a marking solution for your total security.

    Advantages of the Service

  • Immediate availability.
  • Elimination of stop times.
  • Elimination of immobilized costs.
  • Preference in repair.
  • sojet series accessories

    Repairs and Spare Parts

    Repair services for equipment at Tourmaline’s facility and availability of spare parts.


  • Review and diagnosis of incidents
  • Repair budgets
  • Repair of machines
  • Management of warranties
  • Spare parts

  • Spare parts budget
  • Logistics Management