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1200e Thermal Inkjet Coder

An economic Rynan 1200e thermal inkjet coder adaptable to your packaging printing needs

Interface Languages: English (default), Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russia, Thai, German, French, Spanish, and Finnish

Stand-alone operation with RYNAN Technologies software

AUX I/O port for external sensor, encoder, alarm beacon connections

Unlimited template storage

User management system

Automatic recognition of inks (aqueous or solvent) and application of appropriate printing parameters

Real time interface: reports current operation of printer

12inch capacitive touch screen

Rceive Data from 3rd Party Devices USB 2.0, Ethernet RJ45 port

Powerful template design with PC software

Vjet®1201: 1~12.7mm (supports up to 4 head) Maximum cartridges supported: 4

Alphanumeric, Logos, Date/Time, Expiry date, Julian date, Shift Code, Counter/Box Lot, and Barcode

  • Aqueous inks: HydraJET®2016, HydraJET®2020, HydraJET®2030 series – Aqueous ink for porous, semi-porous media and foods
  • Solvent inks: SoluJET®2701, SoluJET®2704, SoluJET®2705 series – Solvent ink for semi and non-porous media
  • Support various colors of ink: Black, Red, Green, Blue
  • Support volume: 35ml, 42ml, 400ml (bulk), and 700ml (bulk)

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