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B1040H Thermal Inkjet Coder

“Enjoy your printing on hand!”

Battery life: Up to 5 hours

Battery: 2 x rechargeable battery packs each with 3 x 2200mAh cells

Printing Languages: All language (via Smartphone)

Font: Window True Fonts

2.8″ 256K colors TFT LCD display

Printing Technology: HP TIJ2.5 (Hewlett Packard Thermal Inkjet)

Messages Length: Support up to 1 meter with 100 characters/ line

Interface Languages: English (default), Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean and Vietnamese

  • Aqueous Inks: HydraJET®2016, HydraJET®2020, HydraJET®2022, HydraJET®2030 series
  • Solvent Inks: SoluJET®2701, SoluJET®2704, SoluJET®2706 series SecuJET®2516, SecuJET®2550 series Support various colors of ink: Black, Red, Green, Blue

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