Last week I had some time to sit back—although not for long—with ice packs on my knees…every few hours for 15 minutes (more on that later). During those brief periods, I was able to take stock of how fortunate I am to be a leader in the packaging industry, in our space of industrial inkjet marking and coding.

Fortunate because I could take the time away from the office to facilitate a move into my new home. Fortunate because I have a team of professionals who all pull together any time the need arises. Fortunate because while we are a team each one of us is uniquely qualified to perform their duties and functions with a sense of autonomy and empowerment to make decisions and better themselves by being here. Fortunate because in the time of COVID we are thriving when I know there are businesses that are not. We do not take this lightly and we do not boast about it. We humbly recognize it and do whatever we can to help our community with doing business in our own backyard. Fortunate because in our industry our clients are busier than ever…

Food & Beverage packaging is experiencing unprecedented growth with more people at home eating and fewer going out. Prepping food and cooking at home have once again become “en vogue”. Grocery delivery is soaring with so many sequestered in their homes. The pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries are experiencing upward trends as some companies have pivoted and while they may not be making aromatherapy body lotion they are now making hand sanitizers and wipes.

The building industry is busy because of people doing home projects they were meaning to catch up on. Companies are adapting to what I like to call the “newly different”. I prefer not to say the “new normal” as that might infer I have adjusted and accepted the path we have all been thrust down. I am far too stubborn to be such an easy pushover (I say very tongue in cheek because I wasn’t pushed, I fell as you’ll read soon enough). We all long for how things “used to be” but for now I’m perfectly fine with “newly different”.

Back to the saga of the ice packs on my knees…let me begin by saying no one loves a great “fall down – get back up story” better than me or a great laugh especially when it’s at myself. I mentioned I moved into a new home last week. On moving day my fiancé said to me “the movers are on their way, back your car up and let me load these boxes in before they get here”. Seemed like an easy request to me. So, I began to trot (trot, jog…fill in your preference…it was not a full out run) towards my car which was parked at the end of the driveway on the street. A few feet before arriving at the curb … you guessed it I tripped…as I attempted to recover, I was leaning forward and instead picked up momentum …there was a street pole and the thought of grabbing it flashed across my mind. You guessed it…I missed and as I missed the next thought flashed “dear God don’t let me scratch my car”…I literally fell forward hitting my head, left cheek, chin and chest into the grill of my car and then BOOM down I went onto the street. I couldn’t breathe… the wind was knocked out of me and the searing pain set in and I believe I made a horrific audible noise as my fiancé came running down to me.

Needless to say, I thought I’d broken my hip but thankfully did not. My knee was so bloodied and scraped it looked like I’d flown off of a motorcycle at full speed. The movers were afraid we’d have to cancel but I said “No I took the week off as vacation and we’re moving.” I’ve stayed in motion ever since…there’s a metaphor here somewhere, I am certain of it.  When you think things are going smoothly always plan for the unexpected, don’t let it derail your original goal even if you have to take a break once in a while and sit on an ice pack, eventually all the boxes will get unpacked and you can settle into your “newly different”…and don’t forget when the wind gets knocked out of you…remember to exhale and be grateful it wasn’t worse.