Printer FAQs

General FAQs

What are the advantages of Thermal Inkjet?

  • High-resolution print quality, ease of use, plug and play, minimum maintenance, no warm up cycle or downtime. 

What is the throw distance (printhead to print surface distance)?


  • Thermal Inkjet coders have a throw distance range of up to 5mm or 3/16″. If the inkjet code appears blurry, faded, or spread out, this could indicate that your product is too far away from the print head nozzles.
Ink FAQs

What is nozzle-to-print surface distance?

  • One of the most important keys to having crisp, sharp text is setting the proper nozzle-to-print surface distance. We recommend a spacing of 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm. Higher nozzle-to-print surface spacing degrades print quality because the ink droplet is less likely to hit the targeted area of the surface.
  • Another key to maintaining good print quality is proper cleaning of the print cartridge. During printing, ink spray, paper fibers, and dust can build up on the print cartridge. These can eventually degrade the print quality.

How do I maintain and handle Aqueous Ink Cartridges? 

  • Clean the print head by using a lint-free cloth moistened with pure water
  • Hold the printhead facing down. Gently press print head into the lint-free cloth to allow ink to wick out, then wipe slowly and lightly across tip of the long edge
  • Never drop, shake or hit the print head
  • Caution: using a cloth with lint may clog the nozzles

How do I maintain and handle Solvent Ink Cartridges?


  • All solvent ink cartridges should be covered when not in use. When production is paused, the cartridge should be removed and the nozzles should be covered with a storage clip for nozzle protection. If the clip is unavailable, placing a small square piece of adhesive tape over the nozzles will keep them clean and ready to code.
A lint-free cloth should be: It should NOT be:
Soft Abrasive
Fiberless Made of small fibers
Moist with DI water or denatured alcohol Dry or containing other chemical additives
Sojet Series FAQs

(Elfin I-H) How much does the handheld weigh?

  • 2.85lbs (1.29kg) w/ cartridge installed and 2.60lbs (1.18kg) w/ out 

What are the Print Speeds?

  • Maximum Print Speed is 121.9 m/min (400 ft /min) at 150DPI (dots per inch)
  • 61.0 m/min (200 ft /min) at 300DPI and 30.5 m/min (100ft/min) at 600 DPI

(Elfin I) How does the printer detect the object it’s printing on?

  • Built-in optical sensor w/ option to connect an external photocell sensor via the DB15 por

What are the print heights?

  • Elfin I – single print cartridge allowing a maximum print height of 12.7mm or 0.5”
  • Elfin ID – single print cartridge allowing a maximum print height of 12.7mm or 0.5”
  • Elfin IDC – single print cartridge allowing a maximum print height of 12.7mm or 0.5”
  • Elfin IH – single print cartridge allowing a maximum print height of 12.7mm or 0.5”
  • Elfin II – up to 2 print cartridges allowing a maximum print height of 25.4mm or 1.0”
  • Elfin VI – up to 6 print cartridges allowing a maximum print height of 76.2mm or 3.0”

What are the different types of print applications?

  • Alphabetic, Numeric, Image Logos (.bmp), Barcode, Date/Time, Expiration Date, Shift Code, Counter

What kind of connection ports are there?

  • Ethernet, USB 2.0, DB15

What are the available languages?

  • English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, German, Russian

What types of ink does it support?

  • 42cc cartridges and 370cc bulk ink systems
  • Support porous, semi-porous, and non-porous substrates

What are the available fonts?

  • Up to two types; Arial is standard, a second can be loaded via USB

How many messages can I store in the internal storage?

  • Up to 500 messages

What’s the maximum message length?

  • 3000mm (3m) (9.84ft)

How long does a fully charged battery last on the Elfin I-H handheld?

  • A fully charged battery will output about >6 hours of continuous printing time and >10 hours of standby time. Two 2000mAH rechargeable batteries are included.

Support FAQs

Technical Support

What kind of product support is offered?

  • Technical Support is available 8am – 5pm PST (Pacific Standard time). You can reach out to us via our Technical Support Hotline 951-275-2971 or send us an email at [email protected]. Our answering service is available 24/7 and can be reached at the same 951-275-2971 number. We also have a library of documents, videos, and other helpful content on the Support page.
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