Industrial Inkjet Coding Printers


CIJ systems are used to print variable information, such as dates or batch codes, on individual products as they move along the production line – regardless of porosity, size, shape, or texture.


Portable CIJ printer for batch coding

This compact, portable Linx 10 printer is one of the smallest continuous inkjet printers you'll find on the market, but beyond its small footprint is unmatched power. The Linx 10 can print up to three lines of premier-quality text onto any type of dry substrate. Thanks to its simple code setup, you can transition between products quickly and with ease, and its sturdy construction provides the reliability for consistent and seamless production. 


Designed for use on even the most challenging substrates, high-resolution thermal inkjet systems will easily integrate into your production line. They are the ideal coding and marking printers for fast-paced industrial environments. TIJ printers are capable of producing high-quality codes in some of the most difficult applications. Scalability is possible with the option to set up to six printheads and adjust print height as needed. Most TIJ printers can be adjusted for multiple lines of print at speeds of up to 200m/min.


High-resolution TIJ printer for a variety of coding applications

The T100 delivers ease-of-use and intuitive operation in a small footprint. It’s a perfect & cost-effective solution for various date coding and marking applications within different industries.

Sojet Elfin 1S

The Sojet’s Elfin-1 series offers simple solutions to most coding and marking projects. This user-friendly printer requires minimal setup and stress-free maintenance. With the controller separated from the printhead, multiple and customizable configurations are possible.

Sojet Elfin 1DC

High-resolution TIJ printer for direct product coding

This production line printer is ideal for entry to automation, specifically for uneven surface printing.

It features a uniquely curved deflection plate operated with a spring mechanism. Working together these components guide the printhead smoothly across the surface allowing printing directly onto products at close range.

Sojet V2

High-resolution TIJ printer for case coding applications

The V2 is a fully featured system that will print most required barcodes, dates, lot codes and such. The V2 is fully functional with either one or two print heads each being ½ inches in height and can be configured side-by-side or on opposite sides of a case and run simultaneously.

Sojet Elfin 2 & 2C

High-resolution TIJ printer for large character printing

This dual-head coding and marking printer is capable of side-by-side printing at ½ inch or a full inch of printed data. Printing can be customized by separating the printheads for optional configurations.

Sojet Elfin 4S

High-resolution TIJ printer for case coding applications

The Elfin 4S printer can be configured with one to four printheads and customized to print on multiple sides of the product. This is an ideal option for automating your coding and marking with the capabilities to expand with growth.

Sojet Elfin 6 & 6C

High-resolution TIJ Printer for case coding applications

The Elfin-6 and 6C series printers are ideally utilized for printing data up to 3 inches. Alter the number of printheads to achieve your desired results. The printheads can be adjusted for side-by-side printing or custom configurations.

Sojet V1H

High-resolution handheld TIJ printer for on-demand printing

This portable handheld inkjet printer is capable of printing heights up to ½ inch including alphanumeric text, barcodes, and expiry dates. It is lightweight and easy for remote applications.

This is a versatile industrial inkjet printer that can effortlessly adapt to your business's needs. The V1H printer can print any character up to 1/2” in character height, including alphanumeric text, barcodes, and expiry dates, at a superior quality.

Sojet Elfin 1H

High-resolution TIJ printer for on-demand printing

The Elfin-1H is an ergonomic lightweight handheld version of our Elfin-1 model. This printer allows up to 1/2″ print height and the ability to take this printer anywhere within your facility for “short run” project printing or direct printing onto products stacked onto a pallet.

Sojet Elfin-1

High-resolution TIJ printer for various coding applications

This cost-effective industrial inkjet printer is great for those looking for top-tier performance on a limited budget. It has a compact footprint and will easily integrate into any floor layout. Most crucially, it can accommodate a wide range of coding and marking applications across multiple industries, making it a suitable option for any business in need of dependable and adaptable printer technology for their packaging.

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