Building Material Coding and Marking Systems

Construction materials are subject to strict regulations. These regulations state that manufacturers must mark their materials with essential information, such as the manufacturing date, batch number, and other critical data. Take gypsum board, a widely used material in the construction industry, as an example. Manufacturers must mark the paper backing of all gypsum board panels with the manufacturer’s name, facility location, production line, date and time of manufacture, and country of manufacture in accordance with ASTM C1264. In order to meet detailed requirements like these, manufacturers need machines that can print a wide variety of information on a range of substrates.

At Tourmaline Enterprises, we have versatile, state-of-the-art industrial coding printers that can help manufacturers comply with industry regulations. By providing accurate and legible markings on building materials, our coding and marking systems help ensure regulatory compliance and facilitate traceability, which makes it easier for manufacturers to identify and isolate any defects or issues that may arise during construction.

In addition to compliance and traceability, our building material coding and marking printers provide a range of benefits that can improve efficiency and reduce costs in construction processes. By streamlining the marking process, manufacturers can minimize the risk of errors and reduce the amount of time and labor required to mark building materials.

Our building material coding and marking printers are an essential piece of equipment for any manufacturer looking to ensure compliance and improve efficiency in their manufacturing and distribution processes. Whether you’re working with gypsum board or any other building material, our printers will help you meet the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance.

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