Handheld Printer

Wish you could print on a variety of materials like carton, stone, wood, pipe, metal, glass, plastic or mark your product boxes or plastic bottles more effectively? With a handheld printer from Tourmaline Enterprises, now you can! Our range of handheld inkjet printers offers businesses a convenient and efficient way to print variable data and label products without the need for a label.

These sleek, portable devices allow you to produce high-quality serial numbers, dates, barcodes, QR codes, and lot codes directly printed unto substrates like plastic, cardboard and paper packaging at the point of application with high precision. Designed with ease and versatility in mind, our handheld printers boast user-friendly interfaces and adjustable font sizes. Save on labels and gain the ability to print detailed information that lasts on your packaged products as needed.

Increase your productivity with Tourmaline Enterprises’ handheld printers, as they enable quicker labeling while reducing errors and saving time. Furthermore, our innovative devices cater to diverse industries, from retail and manufacturing to warehousing and logistics. Experience the flexibility, durability, and reliability of our handheld inkjet printers, and achieve your business goals with ease.

Handheld Printer


Elevate Your Mobile Printing Game with the MoTix 1H

Introducing the MoTix 1H, our cutting-edge handheld thermal inkjet printer proudly part of the Moli line. Experience seamless operation with the same user-friendly interface embraced by our acclaimed MoTix and MoEco printers. This TIJ handheld brings unparalleled benefits, offering mobile printing with no setup time. Enjoy the convenience of on-the-go printing and uninterrupted productivity with the flexibility of using four standard rechargeable batteries.

Handheld Printers

Sojet V1H

High-resolution handheld TIJ printer for on-demand printing

This portable handheld inkjet printer is capable of printing heights up to ½ inch including alphanumeric text, barcodes, and expiry dates. It is lightweight and easy for remote applications.

This is a versatile industrial inkjet printer that can effortlessly adapt to your business's needs. The V1H printer can print any character up to 1/2” in character height, including alphanumeric text, barcodes, and expiry dates, at a superior quality.

Handheld Printer Edding

Edding Portable 12

The smart solution for portable printing

The Edding Portable 12 compact printer enables the redefinition of internal production and logistics processes. Combining the immense functionality of the T100 printer with a positioning laser and industrial battery, the Portable 12 compact printer is the perfect solution for industrial marking away from the production line.

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