Nutraceutical Coding and Marking Systems

If you own a company that produces nutraceuticals, it’s important for you to understand the marking requirements for these types of products. Tourmaline Enterprises provides a brief overview of the FDA’s marking guidelines and explains how nutraceutical coding and marking systems can help your products maintain compliance.


Do You Need To Mark Nutraceuticals?

The labeling requirements for nutraceuticals are confusing to many. There aren’t any specific labeling requirements for these products. But this doesn’t mean you can leave your products unmarked.

Depending on the content of the product, the FDA classifies nutraceuticals as either food or dietary supplements. The FDA considers a nutraceutical a supplement if it contains anything that’s not a food additive and can’t be consumed in a large portion (for example, it can only be consumed in small amounts, such as one gummy per serving). Otherwise, it’s considered a food item.

The good news is that the labeling for food items and dietary supplements is similar. In order for your product to meet the FDA’s marking requirements, you need to have these five elements clearly printed on the packaging:

  • Product name
  • Amount of dietary supplement in the container
  • Nutrition labeling
  • Ingredient list
  • Name and location of the manufacturer

Why Mark Nutraceuticals?

Labeling your nutraceuticals is important if you want to avoid hefty non-compliance fines from the FDA. Labeling also helps consumers make informed choices about the products they purchase. When consumers feel good about a product’s origins and contents, they’re more likely to take the plunge and buy.

Tourmaline Enterprises Makes Marking Easy

Tourmaline Enterprises is a trusted provider of nutraceutical coding and marking systems. Our high-quality printers and ink allow you to quickly and cleanly mark your nutraceuticals. If you want to equip your facility with our efficient products, reach out today. We can introduce you to options that are compatible with your budget and your business’s long-term marking needs.

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