Cannabis Product Labels

Whether medical or recreational, cannabis products require packaging with FDCA-compliant labels. These labels are essential; not only do they protect businesses from hefty fines and fees, closures, and product recalls, but they also protect consumers by ensuring they use cannabis products knowingly and safely.


The most common cannabis product label regulations include the following:

Manufacturer Information

In some states, manufacturers must list their brand name and the cultivation center where they grew their product.

Text and Font

Cannabis packaging needs to have clear, legible text so consumers can easily identify crucial information such as dosage.

List of Ingredients

There should be a cannabis product label on the outer part of the packaging that contains a full list of ingredients.

Net Quantity

Manufacturers should mark solid cannabis products with their dry weight and liquid cannabis products with their fluid measure.



Testing and Expiration

Some states require manufacturers to test their cannabis products for solvents, pesticides, and other biological contaminants. If a product tests positive for any of these contaminants, manufacturers need to disclose this information on the packaging.

Warning Labels

While not required, it’s highly recommended that manufacturers put warning labels on their cannabis products. These labels should explain that cannabis is a Schedule 1 Controlled Substance and should be kept out of reach of animals and children.


Cannabis product information should be unobstructed and conspicuous, and consumers shouldn’t have to closely scrutinize the packaging to find essential information.

Universal Labels

Manufacturers need universal cannabis product coders that print accurate, visible cannabis product bar codes, expiration codes, and other essential markings to meet FDCA regulations and other legal requirements for cannabis product packaging. At Tourmaline Enterprises, we offer a variety of high-quality commercial systems that you can incorporate into your production line. For assistance selecting the best cannabis label printer for your needs, reach out to our team at (951) 674-0051 or email us at [email protected].

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