Industrial Inkjet Coding Printers


CIJ systems are used to print variable information, such as dates or batch codes, on individual products as they move along the production line – regardless of porosity, size, shape, or texture.

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Industrial inkjet printers


Portable CIJ printer for batch coding

This compact, portable Linx 10 printer is one of the smallest continuous inkjet printers you'll find on the market, but beyond its small footprint is unmatched power. The Linx 10 can print up to three lines of premier-quality text onto any type of dry substrate. Thanks to its simple code setup, you can transition between products quickly and with ease, and its sturdy construction provides the reliability for consistent and seamless production.

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Designed for use on even the most challenging substrates, high-resolution thermal inkjet systems will easily integrate into your production line. These production line printers are the ideal coding and marking printers for fast-paced industrial environments. Thermal inkjet printers are capable of producing high-quality codes in some of the most difficult applications. Scalability is possible with the option to set up to six printheads and adjust print height as needed. Most TIJ printers can be adjusted for multiple lines of print at speeds of up to 200m/min.

Industrial inkjet printers

MOTIX 2000 & 4000

MoTix 2000 & 4000

The MoTix line of printers is the ultimate solution for thermal inkjet printing, providing unparalleled performance with an intuitive user interface and lightning-fast coding and marking speeds of up to 200m/min. Whether you're working on a small or large-scale project, our printers are equipped with two or four heads for maximum versatility, allowing for multiple configurations to meet your specific needs. With the MoTix, you'll have everything you need to take your coding and marking to the next level.

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Industrial inkjet printers

MoTix 4000S

MoTix 4000S: Where speed and unrivaled resistance converge

Discover innovation with the MoTix 4000S, the newest addition to the Moli line. Combining the speed, user-friendly interface, and multiple configurations of the MoTix 4000, this updated version introduces IP65-rated excellence, ensuring water resistance and dustproof reliability for a superior printing experience.

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Industrial handheld inkjet printers


Elevate Your Mobile Printing Game with the MoTix 1H

Introducing the MoTix 1H, our cutting-edge handheld thermal inkjet printer proudly part of the Moli line. Experience seamless operation with the same user-friendly interface embraced by our acclaimed MoTix and MoEco printers. This TIJ handheld brings unparalleled benefits, offering mobile printing with no setup time. Enjoy the convenience of on-the-go printing and uninterrupted productivity with the flexibility of using four standard rechargeable batteries.

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Industrial inkjet printers

MoEco 2000 & 4000

MoEco 2000 & 4000

For businesses seeking a cost-effective solution for their coding and marking needs, the MoEco line is the perfect choice. Offering the same high-quality print and user-friendly interface as our MoTix line, the MoEco provides unparalleled benefits at a more accessible price point. With the option of a two or four-headed system, the MoEco offers maximum flexibility to meet the specific requirements of your project. Choose the MoEco for a reliable and affordable solution that doesn't compromise on quality.

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Industrial inkjet printers

Thermal Inkjet T100 Printer

High-resolution TIJ printer for a variety of coding applications

Discover the T100, an all-in-one printer that redefines convenience in coding and marking. With a quick and hassle-free setup, this printer is designed for ultimate user-friendliness. Unleash unprecedented communication capabilities as the T100 seamlessly integrates into your network, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. This industrial printer doesn't just mark products; it becomes an integral part of your workflow, saving valuable time and enhancing overall productivity. Elevate your coding experience with the T100 – where efficiency meets innovation.

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Handheld inkjet printers

Edding Portable 12

The smart solution for portable printing

The Edding Portable 12 compact printer enables the redefinition of internal production and logistics processes. Combining the immense functionality of the T100 printer with a positioning laser and industrial battery, the Portable 12 compact printer is the perfect solution for industrial marking away from the production line.

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Industrial inkjet printers

Sojet Elfin 1s

The Sojet’s Elfin-1 series offers simple solutions to most coding and marking projects. This user-friendly printer requires minimal setup and stress-free maintenance. With the controller separated from the printhead, multiple and customizable configurations are possible.

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