As a business owner, you know how important your CIJ coding systems are to streamlining the production process. You need them to be functional and productive at all times for maximum quality and output. However, many external factors can impact your CIJ coding equipment and its output. In this blog post, we’ll discuss four external factors that could impact your CIJ systems and how to prevent and deal with them.


Vibration from nearby machines, such as compressors or other manufacturing equipment, can affect the print quality of your CIJ printer. This is because vibrations can cause the print head to move and affect the accuracy of the printer’s ink droplet placements.

To reduce vibration, place your CIJ coding printers away from active production lines or other machines that emit vibrations. Additionally, you should place vibration-dampening material around the base of your printer to absorb the vibrations and help protect your printer from any disruptions.


High humidity levels and changes in temperature can cause a variety of issues with CIJ printers. For example, they could cause condensation buildup on components, leading to corrosion and eventual breakdown of the equipment. Furthermore, moisture can lead to issues with blocked printhead nozzles, resulting in poor print quality. For these reasons, it is important to take steps to ensure that your code printing environment is humidity controlled and temperature regulated. This will ensure the longevity of your CIJ printers and allow for more consistent print quality.

Static Interference

Static interference is another external factor that can impact your CIJ coding printers. It occurs when you place your printer in an environment where there are other electronic devices, such as computers, monitors, and radios, that generate an electromagnetic field. This field disrupts the coding process by interfering with the printhead’s ability to accurately read and print codes. If you installed your printer in an environment with such devices, move the printer to a new location or add shielding material such as steel plates around it. This will reduce static interference and improve print quality.


Improper maintenance is one factor that can adversely affect your CIJ printer. To keep your printer running in optimal condition, you should replace the servicing module every 12 months or 4000 operating hours. You can check when your next replacement is due by navigating to your printer’s Maintenance Time screen.

Perform nozzle flushes and nozzle clears as needed to keep the printhead functioning properly.


Debris can easily build up in your CIJ coding printer, resulting in poor performance and decreased reliability. To keep the printer running smoothly, regularly remove any debris that has accumulated over time.

You can clean dirty or blocked printhead nozzles by applying small amounts of solvent to the nozzle face while the printer is in its Nozzle Clear module. If this doesn’t work, carefully immerse the nozzle assembly in a beaker of solvent, then place this beaker in an ultrasonic bath for 20 minutes. This process should clear out any stubborn debris. To clean other components, carefully scrub their exteriors with a lint-free cloth dampened with solvent.

By understanding and anticipating the external factors that can impact your CIJ coding printers, you can ensure your machine is always functioning at its best. If you’re ever unsure about any potential obstacles, you can reach out to Tourmaline Enterprises. We’re an industrial inkjet printer manufacturer with years of experience handling CIJ printers. We can advise you on how to properly care for your printers or help you find a replacement if your current printers are damaged beyond repair.