Coding and marking printers are essential tools for production lines. But with various printers to choose from, finding the one best suited to your applications and operational needs can be difficult. To help you select the best kind of industrial printer for your company, we discuss four crucial factors to consider when buying coding and marking printers.

Know Your Operational Requirements

Understanding your operational requirements is necessary if you want to choose the ideal machine for your applications. Some operational factors to consider are the following:

  • The materials and substrates you’re working with
  • Your budget
  • The type of data required
  • The durability and permanence of the print
  • Your desired printing speed

Look for Versatile, Flexible Systems

No single machine can do everything. But there are some machines that can do more than others. When searching, look for printers that serve multiple purposes and are adaptable. The one you choose should be able to accommodate a wide variety of substrates and configurations so that you can easily and affordably adapt it to meet changing printing needs.

Choose Trusted Brands

Printers from lesser-known brands are often far cheaper than printers from the big names. This can make them attractive to companies on limited budgets. While not all up-and-coming printer brands are bad, they’re risky to buy from. They likely won’t provide the same consistent quality as trusted, tried-and-true brands. Furthermore, you won’t get the same technical assistance and warranties should you run into issues. Using printers from better-known brands gives you greater protection and more assurance that your investment is sound.

Consider the Manufacturing Environment

Another factor to consider when buying coding and marking printers is your manufacturing environment. How much room do you have to accommodate your new printer? And are there any hazards present that could adversely affect your printer’s productivity or cause it to break more often, such as moisture or dirt? Closely analyzing your work environment allows you to choose the correct size and construction durability for your printer.

At Tourmaline Enterprises, we carry a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective industrial InkJet printers from trusted brands. We put your company’s needs first and work with you to find the best printing solution for your operation. For assistance with selecting a printer or answers to any printer-related questions, contact us!