Most consumer products require some form of code or mark, ranging from barcodes to expiry dates. Businesses use industrial coding printers to inject ink onto a substrate and print these codes and marks onto a product.

One common type of coding printer is the CIJ printer. Below, we’ll provide a brief explanation of what CIJ printers are, their benefits, and how you can seamlessly incorporate a CIJ coding printer into your production line.

What Are CIJ Printers?

CIJ stands for continuous inkjet. These industrial printers discharge electrically charged ink directly onto a target. CIJ technology is versatile and ideal for printing on both flat and curved objects. It’s especially useful in high-speed production lines, as it produces text and images of clean, consistent quality.

What Are Their Benefits?

There are several types of coding printers on the market. Is a CIJ printer the right choice for your business’s needs? To help you decide, we’ll cover three of the most distinctive benefits of CIJ production line printers.


CIJ printers print at an impressive average speed of 1,000 feet per minute. Compare that to TIJ (thermal inkjet) printers, which only print at speeds of 300 feet per minute.

Reliable Quality

CIJ printers dispense ink droplets onto substrates using a nozzle. This nozzle never comes into direct contact with the substrate, minimizing smudging and misprints.


CIJ printers can print various codes, such as lot, batch, and date codes, onto substrates, including wood, plastic, and paper.

Tips for Incorporating a CIJ Printer

If you’ve determined that this technology would make an excellent addition to your business, the next thought on your mind may be how to smoothly incorporate a CIJ coding printer into a production line.

Firstly, consider the environment you plan to place the printer. This environment should be at a moderate temperature and be free of dirt, dust, and other contaminants that could potentially damage the printhead. A clean environment will ensure a smooth-running machine and high-quality results. Secondly, orient the printhead correctly. Otherwise, it may misprint codes. If a printer is misprinting despite a properly positioned printhead, you may need to integrate peripherals.

At Tourmaline Enterprises, we carry the highest quality CIJ printer manufactured by Linx Global, which has a small footprint and is flexible and portable for most environments. Find out if incorporating a CIJ printer is the right solution for your project and learn about our other state-of-the-art inkjet coding and marking printers. Our experts are always here to help guide you to the appropriate solution.